[lg policy] UK: What's TripAdvisor's problem with Welsh reviews?

Harold Schiffman hfsclpp at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 16:53:31 UTC 2015

 What's TripAdvisor's problem with Welsh reviews?

*Name:* TripAdvisor.

*Age:* 15.

*Appearance:* *Gelyn holl Gymru*.

*Did you just fall asleep on your keyboard?* How incredibly racist of you.
I was speaking Welsh.

*Welsh? Since when has Welsh been a language?* Since for ever, you dolt. I
can’t believe this. First TripAdvisor doesn’t recognise Welsh, now the
Guardian. It’s enough to drive you *hollol wyllt*.

*TripAdvisor doesn’t recognise Welsh?* Not even slightly. A Welsh tour
guide is kicking off because TripAdvisor rejected his Welsh review
on the basis that it violated the site’s language policy.

*Really? What was he reviewing?* The Llyn Maritime Museum
<http://www.llyn-maritime-museum.co.uk/>, a small attraction in a church in

*And what did he think of it?* We’ll never know. TripAdvisor rejected his
review. However, based on its English reviews
the museum is the best attraction in Nefyn, ahead of a 19th-century watch
tower and two transit vans
in a car park.

*Ooh, I like transit vans.* Listen, that’s not important. What’s important
is that TripAdvisor is unwittingly marginalising a language spoken by more
than half a million people

*Is the tour guide annoyed?* He is. Emrys Llewelyn called it an insult,
“Welsh is a major language but TripAdvisor do not seem to think so. It’s
difficult to keep a temper about something like this … TripAdvisor are
making fools of themselves.”

*Did he say all that in English?* Well, yes, but that’s not the point.
There are communities that would find Welsh-language reviews incredibly

*Communities who enjoy reading what someone with too much time on his hands
thinks about a canoe in a church?* Why not?

*Then why don’t they just look at the museum’s website? That’s **in Welsh*
<http://www.llyn-maritime-museum.co.uk/>*.* You’re not helping.

*How has TripAdvisor countered this criticism?* It says that, currently, it
doesn’t have the capacity for Welsh-language moderation and fraud
detection, so it’s better to reject all Welsh reviews outright than
compromise the integrity of its site.

*Still, at least this is good publicity for the museum.* I know. It really
looks quite nice.

*Do say:* “A global organisation such as TripAdvisor should be better at
facilitating the needs of its own user base.”

*Don’t say:* “*Does neb yn siarad Cymraeg beth bynnag*.”

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