[lg policy] UK: New drive to promote the Scots language

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New drive to promote the Scots language

Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland's Languages Alasdair Allan
launched the policy document today.

14:48Thursday 10 September 2015

A drive to promote the Scots language has been launched by the Scottish
Government “tae encourage ye aw te recognise the valuable heritage we hae
in the Scots leid”.

A series of steps to raise the language’s profile has been
announced,including the quango Education Scotland adopting trilingual
corporate signage so that messages are written in English, Gaelic and Scots.

A national Scots Language Policy sets out a range of actions, which will be
taken forward by Education Scotland’s Scots Language Co-ordinators.

According to a policy
launched by Languages Minister Alasdair Allan at Education Scotland’s Scots
in Schools Conference in Stirling, the co-ordinators will provide
templates/suggestions for the quango’s staff who wish to sign off emails in
Scots or include appropriate Scots greetings.

They will develop resources to enable teachers to “confidently and
creatively engage” with Scots, working with such partners as Historic
Environment Scotland, the National Library of Scotland and Glasgow

Education Scotland will inform parents about the place of Scots in the
Curriculum for Excellence through its e-bulletins and face-to-face

The quango has also said it will develop the Scots Language Ambassadors
scheme, which sees well known people such as the author James Robertson and
the children’s group the Singing Kettle sign to become champions of Scots.

The Ambassadors scheme is to be linked to the new Scots Scriever residency
at the National Library of Scotland, which has been filled by the poet and
playwright Hamish MacDonald.

A version of the document written in Scots explained why ministers thought
the mither tongue was so important.

“The Scots language is an essential element o the culture an heritage o
Scotland. For mony o us, it is a weel-kent aspect o oor sang, poetry and
literature and a kenspeckle feature o the wey we express wirsels in oor
community life,” it said

“The Scots leid is only spoken within Scotland and it is no yaised onywhaur
else in the warld by a community o significant nummer or extent. Therefore
steps maun be taen within Scotland, tae mak its preservation siccar.

“The 2011 census indicatit that mair nor 1.5m folk identifeeit theirsels as
Scots speakers. It is, therefore, richt that Scots shuid continue tae be
refleckit in education, airts, media an mair. The Scottish Government will
heize an uphaud Scots and encourage its respect an recognition in order
that, whit for mony is the language o the hame, can be yaised in ither
areas o Scottish life. “

Or for those who require an English translation: “The Scots language is an
essential element of the culture and heritage of Scotland. For many of us,
it is a familiar aspect of our song, poetry and literature and a recognised
feature of how we express ourselves in our community life.

Scots language is only spoken within Scotland and it is not used anywhere
else in the world by a community of significant number or extent. Therefore
steps need to be taken within Scotland, to ensure its preservation.

The 2011 census indicated that over 1.5m people identified themselves as
Scots speakers. It is, therefore, right that Scots should continue to be
reflected in education, arts, media and more.

The Scottish Government will promote and support Scots and encourage its
respect and recognition in order that, what for many is the language of the
home, can be used in other areas of Scottish life. “

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