[lg policy] Your views please, esteemed peers, on a proposed new journal 'Applied Sociolinguistics'

Dave Sayers dave.sayers at cantab.net
Thu Mar 31 12:36:46 UTC 2016

Hello and greetings, one and all.

I've been thinking for some time now that academia doesn't have enough journals. And 
I don't have enough to do in life. So to address both of these problems, I've teamed 
up with some like-minded colleagues to develop a scintillating new journal.

Instead of trying to carve out a deliciously esoteric sub-disciplinary niche (Journal 
of Periphrastic Semicolons, anyone?) we decided to go in the opposite direction and 
address a nice broad disciplinary audience. In particular, my prospective co-editors 
and I have all dedicated a lot of time to discussions of 'impact', 'outreach', 
'application' and related buzzwords across different areas of sociolinguistic 
research. Now we're joining forces to try and continue that discussion in journal form.

The journal is provisionally titled 'Applied Sociolinguistics'. Routledge have agreed 
in principle to be our host. It will be open access, free to both readers and 
contributors, and funded by institutional sponsorship. BUT... to secure that 
sponsorship we first need to make our case. And what better way to do that than with 
a survey of our peers! So without further ado, please head along and click the 
appropriate buttons with all the enthusiasm you feel we deserve:


If you were to ask me, I could say we deserve boundless enthusiasm, but if I said 
that I might dilute the impartiality of the survey, so I won't.

Happy clicking!

Co-editorially yours (hopefully),

Dr. Dave Sayers
Senior Lecturer, Dept Humanities, Sheffield Hallam University | www.shu.ac.uk
Honorary Research Fellow, Cardiff University & WISERD | www.wiserd.ac.uk
dave.sayers at cantab.net | http://shu.academia.edu/DaveSayers

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