[lg policy] The Parliament will ask the Generalitat for the discrimination of Spanish in schools

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 The Parliament will ask the Generalitat for the discrimination of Spanish
in schools The Committee on Petitions recalls that Catalonia must guarantee
25% of classes in Spanish 25 April 2018 Wednesday 01:30 - 161 reads. The
Parliament will ask the Generalitat for the discrimination of Spanish in
schools 0 0 The Parliament enters into linguistic debate in Catalonia. The
Committee on Petitions of European Parliament announced this Tuesday in
Brussels that it will send a letter to Generalitat to ask about alleged
discrimination suffered by Castilian in schools. The President of
Commission, Swedish Liberal Cecilia Wikström, has recalled that Catalonia
must ensure that offer of classes in Spanish schools financed by public
money is 25%, as required by a Supreme Court judgement. If Catalan
authorities ' response is not satisfactory, re is a possibility that
Parliament will go a step furr and send a team to analyze on ground if
discrimination exists. More information Parents for bilingualism: "25%
Castilian in classroom is still little" Entities for bilingualism take
Catalan immersion to European Parliament Wikström has also referred to
situation of families temporarily living in Catalonia. In this regard, he
has warned that minors should maintain knowledge of ir mor tongue in event
of moving to region. "There are families who have to move to Catalonia for
a short period of time and when y return to anor part of Spain children
should not have lost ir language completely. Restricting freedom of
movement of families is simply against values of EU. " The decision to
remit missive has taken place after an intense debate that has lasted for a
little more than an hour. In it, Ana Losada, president of Assembly by a
bilingual school (AEB), and Carlos Silva, on behalf of organization Impulse
citizen, have spoken. The two associations, located in orbit of citizens,
drew a panorama where discrimination of Castilian in Catalonia is an
everyday event. "I am voice of many Catalan fars and mors who want to break
fear of denouncing violation of rights to which our children are
subjected," said Losada. The activist has warned that children up to six
years of age do not receive education in Castilian, and that between ages
of 12 and 16 y receive only three hours a week. The Committee on Petitions
is open to receiving complaints or requests from any European citizen, but
in practice its radius of action is reduced: it is limited to giving
Parliament opportunity to use its powerful institutional speaker to call
Attention to violations of rights by national, regional or local
governments. The European Commission was represented at meeting, but it
avoided interfering with issue, arguing that it is competence of Member
States to legislate on educational policy. Brussels estimates that it is up
to Spanish and Catalan governments to decide on depth of language
immersion. The representative of AEB has shown support that Catalan
educational system "respects that society is bilingual and does not impose
Catalan on Castilian, who are majority". The reply came from MEP of
Esquerra Republican de Catalunya Josep-Maria Terricabras, who escudó in
data of PISA report to deny that re is a linguistic problem. "Catalan
children obtain scores in Spanish knowledge above Spanish average", he
argued. The or great point of discussion was fines to traders who do not
label in Catalan. Carlos Silva, of Citizen Impulse, criticized what he
estimates a strategy by successive nationalist governments to exclude
Spanish from public space. "Thousands of entrepreneurs, large and small,
have been subjected to linguistic controls and have been punished. The
consumer inspectors have become guardians of Catalan language, "he
lamented. For now, European Parliament will not take any action on this
particular issue. PP MEPs, citizens and UPyD have supported allegations of
both organizations. Teresa Giménez Barbat, of Citizens, said to live in its
own flesh effects of language policy of Generalitat. "In Catalonia language
is used as an instrument of national construction, and this is detrimental
to citizens. I am familiar with traders who are suffering se impositions. "
The Liberal parliamentarian Beatriz Becerra has dissociated debate from
current political moment in Catalonia. He recalled that situation came from
years ago, and he had blamed inaction of state of helplessness in which,
according to his vision, were advocates of bilingualism. "The Spanish
public powers have not done enough [...] So y come to Brussels in hope that
EU can help m, "he said in reference to two entities that have spoken in
community capital. The PSOE has unmarked from that closed support. For MEP
Solitude, internationalising linguistic debate is useless as it is a matter
of national competition, and only contributes to already convulsed of
Catalan political scene. The Andalusian representative insisted that
circumstances were clearly inappropriate. "I want to express my sadness.
Catalan society is in a situation that is less difficult, very divided. It
is least opportune time to bring this debate. We need a solution and not
put more fingers in wound. All se debates have to be resolved in Spain. "

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