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*Wishing you an eventful new year 2019*

*Yet another year passed!*

*We passed another year!*

*Year passed us and*

*We passed the year.*

*We passed many a happening.*

*We passed our birthdays.*

*We passed the carnivals.*

*We passed the cracking of bombs*

*We passed the moaning of mothers*

*Who passed the loss of children in Syria.*

*We passed the burning of Gaza.*

*And the burnt  Kashmir every day.*

*We passed the lynching voices.*

*The moaning of children of the Lynched.*

*Still the Lynch voiced sound.*

*We passed the killing the Honour,*

*Honour for killing.*

*We passed the remarkable remark,*

*"All migrants should leave"*

*by an earlier migrant.*

*- two century old migrant.*

*We passed the quacking earth underneath.*

*We passed the roaring Tsunami.*

*and the bewitching beauty pageants.*

*We passed the killing of journalists*

*and the cowardice. *

*We passed the 'yelling' talk shows*

*and the unleasing hatred. *

*We passed 'Me too' campaign.*

*and we passed @ of 10 rapist a day.*

*We passed the passing away of statesmen. *

*but could not pass their spirits.*

*We passed as burden becomes learning.*

*and learning the burden.*

*We missed the poets.*

*We mistook them for lyricist.*

*We mistook statesmen for demagogues.*

*We mistook the teacher for the coach.*

*We missed the philosophers.*

*We mistook them for preachers.*

*We missed imagination*

*We mistook it for fantasy.*


*We never missed HOPE.*

*Hoping not to miss all those*

*Who we missed in the year we passed by.*

*We would not pass by as we did.*

*We would be remarkable this year.*

*Wish you an EVENTFUL year 2019.*

                                            *R. Meganathan*

*                                            India*

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> Govt Promises To Recruit 3,000 Teachers
> December 30, 2018
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> .....FIRSTPAR...
> Mrs Tumisang ThabelaState Media – The Government will on Wednesday and
> Thursday recruit 3 000 teachers in a bid to improve the teacher to pupil
> ratio as it moves to enhance the quality of education in schools.
> In a notice dated 28 December 2018 and signed by the Permanent Secretary in
> the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Mrs Tumisang Thabela, the
> ministry announced that it would be carrying out a registration exercise
> for the recruitment of teachers to fill vacant posts throughout the
> country.
> “The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education will be carrying out a
> registration exercise for prospective teachers who will possibly fill
> limited vacancies that are available for the 2019 financial year.
> Prospective candidates can register at their nearest District Education
> Office from 2 January 2019 to 3 January 2019,” read the notice.
> The Ministry urged applicants to register at only one district upon
> producing their original teacher qualification certificate, birth
> certificate and national identification card.
> In a telephone interview, Mrs Thabela confirmed that her ministry was
> recruiting and said they needed more teachers but were being restricted
> because of budgetary constraints.
> “We have been allowed to recruit 3 000 teachers at the moment due to our
> small purse but we do need more because we have huge gaps in the system,”
> she said.
> She added that the Government has taken serious steps in addressing issues
> of language in line with the country’s Constitution.
> Mrs Thabela urged applicants for the Infant Education module to provide
> proof of proficiency in the local languages (especially for formerly
> marginalised indigenous languages) spoken in the district of choice.
> “We also want teachers who are proficient in local languages because the
> Language Policy states that children from Early Childhood Development (ECD)
> up to Grade Two must be taught in their mother tongue so the teachers must
> be able to use the local languages spoken in that area too. The ECD level
> is where we need good teachers and that is where many shortages are,” she
> said.
> The ministry further warned applicants against falling prey to fraudsters
> that would purport to be facilitating jobs for them.
> “The ministry has not employed any third party or agent to carry out the
> registration. The exercise is only done at District Education Offices,”
> read the notice.
> The teacher recruitment exercise is expected to play a big part in reducing
> the teacher to pupil ration, which had scaled up as high as 1:50 at some
> schools. It is also expected to improve the staffing levels especially in
> most remote areas of Matabeleland region and some parts of Masvingo
> Province.
> The latest development is also in line with the country’s economic
> blueprint, the Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP), which gives
> prominence to the human development agenda making education a key factor.
> According to the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting, at
> least 3 000 teachers will get the opportunity to be employed.
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