[lg policy] Discrepancies in the PSOE on the model of immersion in the Catalan school

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 Discrepancies in the PSOE on the model of immersion in the Catalan school
The presidents of Aragon, Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura defend that
Catalan parents can choose Spanish as a vehicular language 17 February 2018
Saturday 07:00 - 172 reads. Discrepancies in the PSOE on the model of
immersion in the Catalan school 0 0 The controversy over model of
linguistic immersion in Catalan school that has agitated Government with
its intention to intervene via 155 has provoked discrepancies in PSOE.
While Federal Directorate and PSC refuse that executive can use this
constitutional precept to modify linguistic model in teaching in Catalonia,
three Socialist regional presidents present on Saturday in Federal
Committee — Aragon, Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura — have shared need
for Catalan parents to choose ir children to receive classes with Spanish
as a vehicular language. Although only Aragonese president, Javier Lambán,
defends that state should intervene now to secure it. "Castilian is being
unfair and illegally abused by Generalitat of Catalonia. is being postponed
in Catalan school and this is unacceptable. The state has to return to
Catalonia, from which it has long gone, if we want Catalonia in medium and
long term is not a insoluble problem, "he has defended Lambán in statements
to journalists at exit of Federal Committee. More information The PSOE does
not support implementation of 155 to end linguistic immersion in Catalonia
Sánchez defends his model: "A PSOE close to its militants is a PSOE close
to its voters" In opinion of socialist president, intervention of State as
of article 155 in Catalonia allows to enforce sentences that require that
at least 25% of classes in Catalonia are taught in Castilian. "Restoring
state in Catalonia is that state exerts its powers in Catalonia as it
exerts m in whole of country, and that in Catalonia law is fulfilled. There
is a judgement of Constitutional Court that states that Castilian is a
vehicular language just like Catalan in Catalonia and re are sentences of
High Court of Justice of Catalonia that establish that at least 25% of
teaching has to be taught in Castilian, "The president of Aragon has
argued. President Castellanomanchego, Emiliano García Page, shares " aim of
reflecting and protecting Castilian from Independentist Maw", although he
does not consider that Government should now intervene in model in
Catalonia. In his opinion, use of Spanish in whole of Spain must be subject
of a state pact. That parents can choose language for teaching ir children
is also shared by president of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernandez Vara. That
would be "normal" anywhere with two official languages, he has considered.
Now, however, "This is not time to raise language barricades," or to use
155 for this issue. "Now it's time to add up," defended Fernandez Vara, and
an action like this "more than adding divides." The PSOE has reiterated
this Saturday that it does not believe that now is time to open debate on
model of linguistic immersion in Catalonia, and less using for it 155.
During closed-door replicas of Federal committee, Pedro Sánchez insisted
that article 155 should serve to "recompose Catalan self-government, and
for nothing more," according to party's sources. Miquel Iceta, first
secretary of PSC, supports PSOE's position: "You cannot take advantage of
implementation of 155 to change language policy in Catalan schools", he
said. The Government, however, has not yet accurately raised what it would
do or how to increase teaching hours of Castilian language in Catalonia:
"We do not understand why government has raised this controversy when it
also has no idea how to apply it," has Complained Iceta before entering
Federal committee. Unlike Aragonese president, Iceta believes that "it is
not way or time to raise this issue." The country has asked Iceta about
President Lambán's position that Spanish is "unjustly and illegally" in
Catalonia: "I disagree", has been limited to answering repeatedly Iceta.

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