Irresponsible marker in Japanese

Hideaki Sugai jpshs at NUS.EDU.SG
Thu Apr 9 04:58:59 UTC 1998

Dear colleagues,
I happen to omit the reference from yesterday's query.

Cook, Haruko Minegishi.  1990.  An Indexical Account of the Japanese
Sentence-Final Particle No.  Discourse Process. 13.  401-439.

Givon, Talmy.  1984.  Syntax: A functional-typological introduction.
Vol.I.  	Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Iwasaki, S.  1985.  Cohesion, Challengeability, and -N desu clause in
spoken discourse.  Journal of Asian Culture.  9.  125-142.


Hideaki SUGAI
Japanese Studies
National Univeristy of SIngapore

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