Baltic as a linguistic area

Philippe Bourdin pbourdin at YORKU.CA
Sun Apr 19 13:24:14 UTC 1998

	Dear colleagues,

	I'm interested in the grammaticalization of 'come' and 'go'
across languages. You are probably aware of this, but Finnish, like
Swedish (as well as Danish and Norwegian), uses 'come' as a future marker.
(See  N. Nau's interesting observations on that topic, in Moglichkeiten
und Mechanismen kontaktbewegten Sprachwandels unter besonderer
Berucksichtigung des Finnischen (Lincom Europa, 1995, p. 104-105).
	I'm totally ignorant in the field of Uralic linguistics, but
Kamassian is, to my knowledge, the only other Uralic language that has a
'come'-based future. (See V. Tauli, Structural Tendencies in Uralic
Languages, Indiana U., Bloomington, 1966, p. 81).
	I'm not sure this will be of any help to you. I'd be grateful
for any further information that anyone might have on this particular
	With my very best wishes,

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