smell and taste

Wolfgang Raible raiblew at RUF.UNI-FREIBURG.DE
Thu Apr 23 21:08:34 UTC 1998

Manfred Krifka wrote:

> German:
> "Das schmeckt",  lit. 'This tastes', i.e. this tastes good.
> "Das riecht", lit. 'This smells', i.e. this smells bad.
> English:
> "This is tasty", i.e. it tastes good.
> "This is smelly", i.e. it smells bad.

All this stuff has been treated in extenso for instance in Renate
Steinitz, Adverbialsyntax, Berlin (Akademie-Verlag) 1971, (Studia
Grammatica X).

Wolfgang Raible.

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