Number and mood

Fri Apr 24 04:33:43 UTC 1998

Dear typologists,
   On the 23rd April, William McGregor mention the
nominal suffix -karra 'plural', 'multiple' and also
the clitic -karra wch seems to have aspectual/modla/
temporal values,  from some Nyulnyulan languages of
Western Australia.
   Interestingly, the Warrungu language of North
Queensabnd, from the oppsite end of the Australian
continent, has the verbal (not nominal) suffix -karra,
which has aspectual meanings such as 'repeatedly', 'here
and there'. It also seems to mean '(Many actors) do (together)'.
Details are in the following forthcoming paper.
   Tsunoda, Tasaku. Forthcoming. 'Aspect and transitivity of
   iterative constructions in Warrungu.' In Werner Abraham and
   Leonid Kulikov (eds.), "Aspects of aspect: tense and
   event categories in typological perspectives. ....."
   Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Best wishes,

Tasaku Tsunoda

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