Paul J Hopper ph1u+ at ANDREW.CMU.EDU
Fri Apr 24 20:31:24 UTC 1998

Jim's note on ordering coffee brought back memories. Maybe David Gil or
someone can amplify, but I remember (it's been a long time) the
following Malay paradigm:
Kopi o (I guess this is Jim's Kafei wu, as people told me the o was
Chinese) = our black coffee (I guess it did have sugar; everything in
Malaysia has sugar)
Kopi hitam (hitam = black/dark brown) = sort of regular coffee - a small
amount of cream or milk
Kopi susu (susu = milk): a small amount of coffee and virtually an
entire tin of sweetened condensed milk
I was expecting kopi hitam to be black coffee and kopi susu to be coffee
with milk. Quite a shock.
- Paul

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