query: Inventory of unaccusative verbs

bingfu bingfu at USC.EDU
Sat Mar 28 01:11:41 UTC 1998

Dear netters,

 	The semantic scope of unaccusative verbs varies
from language to language. In Chinese, it contains tree
types of verbs: presence verbs ('to be'
'exist'), appearance verbs ('come' 'arrive') and
disapearance verbs ('disappear', 'vanish', 'die').

	If there-construction is taken as one
criterion for unaccusative verbs,  then,
dissapearance verbs are not unaccusative verbs, as
shown below:

	There appeared a man in the hill.
But	* There disappeared a man in the hill.

	Now, my question is:
	How about in other languages? Does your native
language patterns with Chinese or English?

	Any information will be most welcome
and I will make a summary after I get sufficient corresponses.


			Bingfu Lu

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