Query: double object and dative structures

bingfu bingfu at USC.EDU
Sat May 2 16:03:33 UTC 1998

Query: double object and dative structures

	It seems all double object structures can shift to dative
structures, but the reverse does not always hold, as shown in examples

	 (1)	a.	I give it to John.
		b.	*I give John it.

 	 (2)	a.	I give it to him.
		b.	*I give him it.

	Now, I would like to know:

1. Are there any counterexamples that only double object holds?
(in zero context, i.e. '?Mary threw John the ball. But he wasn't
looking' does not count).

2. As I know, this asymmetric shift relation holds true of Chinese
corresponding opposition.
    I would like to know to what extent this asymmetry is universal.
Specifically, how does your native language behave in this aspect?

If responses are sufficient to draw a conclusion, I will make a

Bingfu LU

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