non-classifier languages without plural inflexion

Alan R. King mccay at REDESTB.ES
Wed Nov 4 21:46:46 UTC 1998

>	Anybody can kindly provide me with
>examples for languages that count nouns without classifiers
>(use Number directly with Nouns without Classifiers) and, at the same
>time, do not inflect their nouns for number?  That is, a bare noun
>can be interpreted as singular or plural ('book' meaning 'a book' or
>'books') and can also occur with a number directly ('three book').

I believe Aymara also meets these criteria, more or less: nouns are counted
without classifiers, and pluralization of nouns is optional (so that a noun
unmarked for number may be interpreted as singular or plural in reference).
 I don't have the details at hand, unfortunately, and you should check on
the facts before taking my word for it!

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