Onederra Olaizola L. fvponoll at VC.EHU.ES
Fri Nov 6 16:44:12 UTC 1998

(I know this discussion has been going on for some time and I have not
followed it thoroughly, so I apologize if I am repeating somthing).

Singular in Basque is morphologically (morphotactically) marked vs the
indefinite, which is unmarked (Merkmalloss) and used with
numerals and WH
words. In some cases (e.g. genitive) it is "more| marked than the plural.

e.g.for the noun meaning "man"

indef.          sing.           pl.

gizon          gizon-a          gizon-ak


gizon-en       gizon-a-r-en     gizon-en

Contraction of affixes in the singular is common in spoken Basque (gizonan).


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