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On Wed, 11 Nov 1998, David Gil wrote:

> On Audrey's conjectures:
> > Is it possible that the order of Number, Classifier and Noun may also play
> > a role in the use of plural morphology?  I wonder if the following
> > generalization is true:
> >
> > If the word order is Number + Classifier + Noun,  the Noun does not take
> > plural morphology (e.g., Chinese)
> A *partial* counterexample to this is Standard Malay.  Classifiers are
> optional; number marking, via reduplication, is optional; word order is free;
> BUT the most common word order is like Chinese, Number + Classifier + Noun.
> A somewhat different partial counterexample is Vietnamese, in which
> classifiers are nearly obligatory.  In Vietnamese there is a so-called plural
> word _cac_, which of course is optional.  But figuring out word boundaries in
> Southeast Asian languages is notoriously difficult -- so even though it's
> *written* as a separate word, I don't know whether it really is one, as
> opposed to, say, a proclitic or even prefix.
> Come to think about it, what about the Mandarin plural marker _xie_, usually
> occurring in the collocation _yi xie_:  what are its wordhood properties?
> > If the word order is Noun + Number + Classifier, the noun can take plural
> > morphology (e.g., Korean, Burmese)
> Here Thai is a clear counterexample:  Noun + Number + Classifier word order,
> but no plural morphology.
> David
> PS I'm afraid I haven't got Audrey's email asddress; perhaps Bingfu would be
> so kind as to forward this to her.
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