classifiers and plural morphology

David Gil gil at EVA.MPG.DE
Thu Nov 12 13:32:56 UTC 1998

Audrey writes:

> My speculations are
> (i) if the word order is Number +Classifier + N, plural morphology
> will not appear on the N  (though, if N occurs alone in the same
> without Number and Classifier, the N may have a plural form).
> (ii) if the word order is N + Number + Classifier, the N CAN have
> morphology.  However, it NEED NOT to.
> I am focusing on the relation between word order and the possibility
> (not obligatoriness) of plural morphology.

Off the top of my head, I can't think of any examples of numeral
classifiers and inflectional number marking cooccurring in the same
construction in any language -- regardless of what the word order is.
But given the incredible amount of syntactic diversity within the East /
Southeast Asian sprachbund, I wouldn't be that surprised to encounter
such an example.  Is anybody familiar with any examples?


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