Knock! Knock! Who's there?

Seth Jerchower, Ph.D. sejerchower at JTSA.EDU
Mon Nov 16 19:51:27 UTC 1998

One more thought on query 2:

Note that the respective syntagmata for Hebrew and Italian are:
1.	"Ani talmid" [PRO Nom_Pred]; syntactic copula.
2	"Sono studente [COP Nom_Pred]; subject pro-drop with formal copula.

I'm not aware, in my limited knowledge, of any language that in one way or
another (sub_pro, COP, V, marker) doesn't specify a syntagmatic referent
with respect to the nom_pred; that is, is there any known language in which
the nom_pred suffices for its subject referent as well (*"Student", meaning
"I am a student")?


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