focus morphemes

Manfred Krifka krifka at MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU
Wed Oct 7 16:05:24 UTC 1998

Focus morphemes actually appear to be quite frequent. A case not mentioned
so far is Quechua (cf. e.g. "Focus in Quechua" by Pieter Muysken, in K. E.
Kiss (ed.), Discourse Configurational Languages, Oxford University Press
1995 (the book also contains a treatment of focus morphemes in Somali).
Another case is Navajo, cf. Ellen Schauber, "Focus and presupposition: A
comparison of English Intonation and Navajo Particle Placement", in D.
Napoli, (ed) 1978, Georgetown University Press. An related case is spoken
Korean, where in general case markers are deleted except if the noun is in

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