A question about Turkish and indefinites

Marcel Erdal erdal at EM.UNI-FRANKFURT.DE
Wed Oct 21 16:54:59 UTC 1998

The answer to your question on the Enc paper is: Yes, you're right.
Assuming that 'to interview' is soru$tur-mak (any other translation I
can think of would not govern a direct object), your sentences would be
a) Oda-m-a birkaC Cocuk girdi. Iki kIz-I soru$turmak istedim
b) Oda-m-a birkaC Cocuk girdi. Iki kIz soru$turmak istedim.
Both are possible. In (a) the 'two girls' have both a specific and a
non-specific reading (non-specific in case I had previously decided I
wanted to interview any two girls from out of this group which was about
to be presented to me); in (b) the 'two girls' have only a non-specific
reading. (It would be felicitous especially if it had a continuation,
saying that, e.g., as there happened to be some girls among these
children, I thought I might as well interview those for my purposes.)
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