"preposition stranding" in Somali?

Alan R. King mccay at REDESTB.ES
Mon Oct 26 11:27:59 UTC 1998

Mauro Tosco writes:
>In Somali prepositions (actually, adpositions) are ALWAYS stranded: they
>are placed before the verb, eventually strung together in a fixed order....

I have had occasion to look at Somali (admittedly only superficially), and
I would seriously question whether it is at all enlightening to refer to
these Somali morphemes as adpositions (certainly not prepositions).  The
only reason for doing so, I think, is that they TRANSLATE as adpositions in
other languages, but their syntax is so radically different that I don't
think "preposition stranding" has anything to do with them.  If anything,
the Somali items seem more similar to preverbs (in IE languages,
Hungarian...), or even "applicatives" (cf. Bantu).


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