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Steven Schaufele fcosw5 at MAIL.SCU.EDU.TW
Tue Oct 27 15:48:17 UTC 1998

Jan Anward wrote:

> Something like that is perfectly possible in Swedish, provided you
> start the sentence with "och" (and):
>         Och den ska till?
>         (and it is.going to)
> In this construction, the null need not be marked by a preposition:
>         Och du heter?
>         (and you are.called)

And Alan R. King writes:

> Colloquial Spanish (at least the variety I am conversant with) makes
> fairly liberal use of what David Gil proposes calling null WH
> questions.  For example:
> A: Estoy cabreado.
> B: Por...?
> A: "I am pissed off."
> B: "Because of/On account of...?"

I'm wondering to what extent constructions like these are different from
the things one can get in very colloquial English, such as:

	And you're going to ... ?
	And your name is ... ?
	Because ... ?

(Always, i believe, at least in my experience pronounced with
significant `stretching' of the last overt syllable in addition to
interrogative intonation)

I grant that English doesn't seem to allow for some of the options that
Jan mentions in connection with Swedish; i can't seem to imagine any
situation in which `And you'll have 0 today?' would sound acceptable to
me, but i have no trouble with `And today you'll have ... ?'  Alan's
suggestion that these are somehow related to echo questions seems worth

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