areal distrubution of ideophones

Jess Tauber Zylogy at AOL.COM
Thu Sep 17 13:43:43 UTC 1998

Dear Typologists- I am currently attempting to create a map of ideophone usage
around the world. Any help you might provide would be valued. The following
peices of information are requested-

language name, family, continent
unmarked constituent/basic word order/ Head/Dep marking spread
ideophones used in daily discourse? guesstimate of frequency?
large inventory?  guesstimate of it's size?
genre or other limitations?
reduplication, infix/affixation?
morphosyntactic support/light verbs required?
unusual phonetics?
usage limited to adverbial?
gestural accompaniment?

Thanks very much

Jess Tauber
zylogy at

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