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Paul J Hopper ph1u+ at ANDREW.CMU.EDU
Mon Sep 21 13:21:29 UTC 1998

I don't want to dispute the merits of Dr Zubizarreta's book that Johann
has directed our attention to; but I wonder if we couldn't briefly
consider how much of the LINGTYP's bandwidth will be devoted to
publishers' announcements?
There are a number of reasons for us to be concerned about this. Some of
us (especially those with commercial e-mail accounts) have limited
storage, and may come back from a few days away to find that our
mailboxes have been stopped with book notices. If there are no scholarly
contributions to LINGTYP for a while, we may begin to view the network
as nothing but an outlet for aggressive advertisers of new books (not to
mention of particular paradimgms of linguistics). LINGTYP members who
hesitate to promote their own books over the network may feel that their
work is of less importance than the ones that are being promoted.

What do others think?

Paul Hopper

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