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Frans Plank Frans.Plank at UNI-KONSTANZ.DE
Mon Sep 21 15:50:23 UTC 1998

I can see Paul's point.  Actually there is an established (if you want to
call it that) way of bringing new publications to the attention of the ALT
membership, and to that of potential reviewers for LT:  ALT News regularly
list such titles as appear to be of immediate typological interest.

Of course, ALT News only appear every three months or so, and the books
listed therefore may already be sold out or of merely historical interest
when News readers learn of their existence.  Also, when I compile these
lists I may miss out on relevant titles or I may mistakenly consider titles
I am aware of to be of no typological significance.  Lately, however, the
feedback I've been getting from the ALT membership has been increasing;  so
I'm confident that the book information in the ALT News will be ever more
accurate and comprehensive.

What ALT News don't provide are abstracts or the like.  If you can do
without these, I'd be inclined to suggest that we don't allow book
advertisements on the LINGTYP list.  (Unless these can be turned into a
source of income for ALT.)  Instead, authors or publishers should send
these to me, and I'd include what can reasonably be considered
typologically relevant in the ALT News listings.

If there is a wish to be informed of contents also, maybe such postings
should be limited to the ALT membership.


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