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Stassen's Questions:
Ans. to B. : Somebody has already pointed out that Kashmiri is a V2
language. Those interested should look up Kashmiri : A
cognitive -descriptive grammar by Kashi Wali and Omkar N. Koul published by
Routledge 1997.  It has extensive references for the material on Kashmiri.
The book itself is very informative from both syntax and morphological point
of view. It points out many differences between Germanic and Kashmiri.  For
more information and papers etc. contact me. I will be glad to furnish any
information you need. This language is worth looking at.
Kashi Wali
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>These are two serious questions. I would really like to know whether
>a) there are any Non- ProDrop languages outside Germanic/French, and
>b) there are any Verb-Second languages outside Continental Germanic?
>Help me.
>Leon Stassen.

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