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>Dear Frans,
>Below you will find a job ad; a postdoc position for two years for the
>project "The syntactic encoding of anaphoric relations". We would
>appreciate it if you could bring this to the attention of potential
>candidates in your department. The (extended) deadline is July 7.
>The Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS ( is a
>research institute of the Faculty of Arts of Utrecht University. About one
>hundred researchers are involved of which 12 full professors, 10
>postdoctoral researchers and about 30 graduate students.
>The goal of UiL OTS is to develop scientific expertise in the area of
>language, speech and their use. The research of UiL OTS comprises the
>following six areas: Syntax and Semantics,  Morphology & Phonology,
>Computational Linguistics & Logic, Phonetics, Language Development, en
>Language Use. The research programme of UiL OTS brings together research
>from different strands of linguistics and related disciplines such as
>logic, computer science, cognitive sciences, teaching, and social sciences.
>UiL OTS searches an ambitious and enthusiastic candidate for a position as
> Postdoctoral fellow
>Start: to be negotiated.  Duration: 2 years.
>The project will investigate the nature of the syntactic processes that are
>available in natural language to encode interpretative dependencies between
>arguments. It will do so by systematically exploring the types of variation
>across languages in the domain of anaphoric relations and realising a
>typological data base in the area of anaphora. A project proposal is
>available on request or can be downloaded from our internet-site:
>The candidate should, preferably, combine a solid expertise in current
>linguistic theory, more specifically in the area of anaphora, and
>experience with cross-linguistic (descriptive) research. Experience with
>developing databases will be considered an advantage. The researcher will
>participate in an (inter)national project, funded by the Dutch National
>Science Foundation, in which an overarching typological meta-database
>system is developed that is able to link separate databases in such a way
>that one can question a set of databases. The project proposal will be sent
>upon request.
>We offer a stimulating and innovative research environment with many
>international contacts, a program which offers possibilities for
>collaboration with specialists in a broad area of linguistics, good
>experimental facilities, etc. Salary indication max. Dfl. 7618,= per month
>(gross). Further information can be obtained by sending an e-mail with
>specific questions to Dr. M. Everaert (everaert at (after 23/6),
>Prof. dr. E.J.Reuland (reuland at or uil-ots at (subject:
>postdoc Typology). The institute's telephone number is +31-30-2536006.
>Applications may be sent before June 30 to the Faculteit Letteren,
>Universiteit Utrecht, c/o mr. A.A. van Fulpen, personeelsconsulent, Kromme
>Nieuwegracht 46, 3512 HJ Utrecht. Notification of application should be
>sent by E-mail before June 27 to uil-ots at Applications should be
>accompanied by a curriculum vitae, two letters of recommendation, and a
>list of publications.
>Martin Everaert		Utrecht institute of Linguistics OTS
>Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht, The Netherlands
>tel: 31-30-2536528; fax: 31-30-2536000; everaert at

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