call for papers - The truths about pronouns an how true they are

Elena Filimonova Elena.Filimonova at UNI-KONSTANZ.DE
Fri Oct 6 12:43:25 UTC 2000

within the framework of the DFG-funded Project "Sprachbauplaene"

December 15-16, 2000 University of Konstanz, Germany

Workshop organizers:
Elena Filimonova (Uni Konstanz)
Michael Cysouw (ZAS, Berlin)

The aim of the workshop is to exchange research results and stimulate further work in the field of language universals, focusing on personal pronouns. 

Chief among the issues discussed will be generalizations, previously suggested or new, about phonological, morphological and syntactic properties of personal pronouns, especially those of 1st and 2nd person. We are planning a special section on the inclusive/exclusive opposition.

We especially welcome contributions to the following topics:
- Inclusive and Dual.
- Inclusive and 2Pl. 
- Incl/Excl and Gender.
- Inclusive und Associative.
- Incl/Excl and homophony in pronominal paradigm: synchronic and diachronic aspects.
- Incl/Excl and free vs. bound morphology.

Further topics:
- Incl/Excl and extra-linguistic aspects: Cultural and interactive meaning of the Incl/Excl opposition. Honorific usage of Incl/Excl.
- Diachrony of the Incl/Excl oppostion: Its origin and disapperance. Pidgins und Creoles.

In this workshop we will attempt to bring together typological, historical and theoretical insights, in order to gain a better understanding of personal pronouns.

Visit the Universals Archive at to familiarize yourselves with pronoun truths on record. 

Those interested in participating are asked to send a short abstract to one of the following addresses (preferably by e-mail) by 10 November 2000. Papers may be presented in English or German. 

Elena Filimonova
e-mail: elena.filimonova at
Universitaet Konstanz
Fach D 186
78457 Konstanz
Tel. +49 7531 884287
Fax +49 7531 884190

Michael Cysouw
e-mail: m.cysouw at
Zentrum fuer allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft
Linienstrasse 155
10115 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 2858270

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