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Tue Sep 19 12:14:27 UTC 2000

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> Sent:	11 August 2000 19:22
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> Subject:	joint project
>  Dear Prof.Dr Anna Siewierska, May I ask You send me e-mail addresses of the
>      departments of English and Linguistics, or Speech Communication of Your
>      university and other universities or individuals who may be interested
> in
>      working on a joint project with us? If You can't do it, then,
>      please, forward my e-mail message to them. We work on phonological
>      statistics, language typology and phono-stylistics of English and other
>      107 languages of the world.Please, advise us, where we could find grants
>     to study phonostatistics, language typology and phonostylistics? Could
> You,
>     please, send us some e-mail addresses of some linguistics journals or
> their
>     editors, published in Your country? We have no access to web site, so
> e-mail addresses are appreciated. We record our letters and pass them to the
>  lab.assistants at the computing centre, who send them by the e-mail, then
>  they record the answers on a diskette and bring it to us. This is why,
>  we can use only the exact e-mail addresses. Looking
>      forward to hearing from You soon, Sincerely Yours, Prof. Yuri
> Tambovtsev,
>      Dept of English and Linguistics of NPU, Novosibirsk - 123, 630123,
>      Russia  yutamb at <mailto:yutamb at>

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