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Dear Joe,
I'm not quite sure I really catch the meaning of your question. Are you
interested in intersentential connectives such as "therefore" or in
subordinating connectors? Diessel's examples from Hixkaryana  and  other
languages seem to be intersentential: _ire ke_ DEM + because, like  Lat.
_propterea_, , Cl.Gk. _dio'ti_, Ital. _percio'_ , Germ. _darum_, etc. But
this is rather trivial. Maybe you are more interested in forms such as Lat.
_ita_, Skr _iti_, Avest. _uiti_ (all from pronominal/deictic stems), which
have (also) the function of connecting sentences and, at least
synchronically, are not analysable as compounded items.
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Subject: Demonstrative > connective

> On pgg. 125-127 of Holger Diessel's _Demonstratives. Form, function, and
> grammaticalization_ (Benjamins, 1999), there are listed some examples of
> sentential connectives which continue a pronominal demonstrative plus some
> other element (an adverb or adposition).  I am interested in locating any
> examples of sentential connectives which continue a pronominal
> alone.  One well known example is Old Hittite _ta-, which continues the
> Indo-European demonstrative stem *_to_- (it is also attested as such in
> Continental Celtic, though this is not widely known).  I would be grateful
> receive any information concerning similar examples.  I will summarise for
> list should there be a number of replies.
> Joe Eska
> eska at

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