deontic "will"

Enrique L. Palancar Vizcaya epalancar at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 9 00:25:50 UTC 2001

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As for your cautionary note that "if a volitional verb has a deontic use, it
could be an earlier use being retained, not a new development". This is not
the case of Spanish "querer" which develope from Latin "quaerere" with the
meaning ´seek for, inquire, ask for´, and developed the "wanting" sense
quite early in late latin. I don´t think the verb had any "need" sense from
the very begining, and as I said I think the deontic sense may be construed
still via the pragmatics of the situation. It is further etymologically
related I believe to conquer, inquire, require, etc.

Enrique Palancar

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