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Subject: Graduate School on Typology and Discourse in Bern

Dear typologists

The Swiss Linguistics Society runs a Summer School for Typology and
Discourse at the University of Bern, September 24-28, 2001, which is
organized by Walter Bisang (Mainz) and Iwar Werlen (Bern). The
of the program are as follows:

Leon Stassen (Katolijke Universiteit, Nijmegen)
Linguistic typology: why, and how?

John A. Hawkins (University of Southern California, Los Angeles)
Performance/Parsing and Syntax

Jack Feuillet (Université de Paris)
La modalisation dans les langues européennes

Balthasar Bickel (Universität Zürich und University of California,
Clause linkage and discourse

Ekkehard König (Freie Universität Berlin)
Diskurs/Typologie der Fokuspartikeln in Europa

Bernard Comrie (Max Planck-Institut für evolutionäre Anthropologie,
Reference tracking/coherence

There are still some few free places for graduate students in
which are interested in typology. Therefore we kindly ask you to spread
this information to everybody who might be interested. Applications
be sent by e-mail to Iwar Werlen (iwar.werlen at by September

The participation at the Summer School is free. Participants not
to a Swiss university have to pay for their travel and accommodation
expenses themselves. Reservations for a room in a simple hotel can be
by the local organizers on request (about 100 CHF for a single room per
night, about 75 CHF for a bed in a double room per night). The
should have at least some passive command of German and French as some
lectures will be in German and French. Participants are expected to
a poster on their on-going research. The application should contain 1)
full address (including e-mail, snail-mail, phone number, fax number)
2) a short description of the Ph.D. project.

Iwar Werlen
Bernhard Wälchli
Walter Bisang
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