SALA / Oct 2001 / Call for Papers

Frans Plank Frans.Plank at UNI-KONSTANZ.DE
Fri Jan 26 11:56:03 UTC 2001

			   Call for Papers

	 South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable (SALA XXI)
		     Universität Konstanz, Germany
			 October 8 - 10, 2001

Abstracts are invited for 30 minute presentations on issues
specifically related to South Asian languages and linguistics.
Proposed core areas for panels are:

1. Linguistic theory I: Syntax and semantics
2. Linguistic theory II: Morphology and phonology
3. Language development and language change
4. Typology and linguistic convergence
5. Acquisition and processing

Suggestions for further panels are welcome.

Deadline for abstract submission: May 15, 2001.

Acceptance notices will go out in June, 2001.

Abstracts may be submitted by email or by regular mail (or by both
means as a safety measure). Email submission is preferred.

Student Funding may be available, so please indicate your status
(student or non-student) as part of your submission.

Submission by Email:

Email submissions are to be addressed to: sala01 at

Include the paper title, name(s) of the author(s), address, phone/fax
number, email address, and whether the author(s) are students in the
body of your email message.  Include or preferably attach your paper
as either a plain ASCII text, RTF, PDF, HTML, or postscript file.

Submission by Regular Mail:

Send five copies of the abstract. Abstracts should be one page in 10pt
or larger type and include a title. Omit name and affiliation, and
obvious self reference. A second page may be used for data and
references. Also include a card or cover sheet with the paper title,
name(s) of the author(s), affiliation, address, phone/fax number,
e-mail address, and whether the author(s) are students.  Address to
which abstracts are to be sent:

	Miriam Butt
	Universitaet Konstanz
	FB Sprachwissenschaft, D 186
	78457 Konstanz

For further information see:

or contact:

e-mail:  sala01 at
Phone: +49 - 7531 - 88  26 80
       +49 - 7531 - 88  47 54

Fax:   +49 - 7531 - 88 44 59

Program Committee:

Josef Bayer, University of Konstanz
Miriam Butt, University of Konstanz
M.T. Hany Babu, University of Konstanz
Aditi Lahiri, University of Konstanz
Frans Plank, Universität Konstanz
Gillian Ramchand, Oxford University

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