incl/excl volume, 2nd call

Elena Filimonova Elena.Filimonova at UNI-KONSTANZ.DE
Wed Jun 13 15:22:56 UTC 2001

Dear colleagues,

This is just to remind you that the deadline for submissions for the planned incl/excl volume is the end of this week (latest June 20th).


As some of you may remember, in December 2000 a Workshop on personal
pronouns took place in Konstanz. Among others we got several interesting
papers dealing with the Inclusive/Exclusive opposition.

The heated discussions at the Workshop clearly revealed the necessity of a
volume documenting the current typological knowledge on the topic. Ideally,
such a volume should cover all possible aspects of the Inclusive/Exclusive
problem (e.g. its categorial status, paradigmatic properties,
grammaticalization paths, distributive factors, cultural and interactive
meaning, etc.) Revised versions of selected papers presented at the
workshop will form the core of this book. However, in order to make the
planned volume as complete as possible, we are now also considering further
submissions.  These should either be typological surveys of the
Inclusive/Exclusive opposition, focusing on universals in this domain, or
surveys of entire language families or areas.  (Single-language studies
will not normally be considered.)

To familiarize yourself with typological generalizations on record, browse
through the Universal's Archive (keywords: pronoun, inclusive, exclusive,

If you are interested in contributing to the planned volume, please send
your draft or at least a detailed abstract to the following address. The
deadline for submissions is mid June 2001.

Please forward this message to your colleagues not subscribed to
Lingtyp-list but who might be interested in contributing.

Best regards,

Elena Filimonova
Universitaet Konstanz
Fach D 185
78457 Konstanz

email: elena.filimonova at

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