Prefixed / proclitic plurals

Hannu Tommola trhato at UTA.FI
Wed Sep 19 13:54:56 UTC 2001

What Urmas suggests is true for other Finnic languages: in Finnish this is 
even more clear in the nominative of the pronouns
         se SG / ne PL 'this, it / 'those'
         tämä SG / nämä PL 'this' / 'these'
         tuo SG / nuo PL 'that' / 'those'
  because the difference to the Singular is marked by the first consonant only.
But this is probably rather a case of suppletion than inflection.

Hannu Tommola

At 15:33 19.9.2001 +0300, Urmas Sutrop« wrote:
>Dear colleagues,
>there is a small closed group of words with prefixed plural
>marking in Estonian:
>see ‘this’
>need ‘these’
>too ‘that’
>nood ‘those’
>tema (ta) ‘he, she’
>nemad (nad) ‘they’
>n-ema-d (n-a-d)
>PL-s/he-PL (PL-s/he-PL)
>Yours sincerely,
>Urmas Sutrop
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