inclusive and definite markers

Elena Filimonova Elena.Filimonova at UNI-KONSTANZ.DE
Mon Apr 15 18:07:21 UTC 2002

Dear colleagues,

Is anybody of you aware of further languages, where an inclusive pronoun is formed by attachment of a definite marker (definite article or demonstrative) to the 1Pl personal pronoun?

The only example I have is Acehnese (Durie 1985: 131):
1Incl: 	geutanyoue < geuta (we) +nyoe (this).

In colloquial Japanese, it seems to be also possible to say 'these we' meaning ' we inclsuive'.

Another question is, whether there are languages where an opposition between inclusive and exclusive is based on this pattern, i.e. 'this we' vs. 'that we'?

Best regards,

Elena Filimonova

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