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Daniel Everett dan.everett at MAN.AC.UK
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On Monday, December 16, 2002, at 11:21  am, Jan Terje Faarlund wrote:

>  For their language, they simply use the word 'ode' (=language), and 
> they refer to themselves as 'ode püt' (=language people), or 
> 'chabyajpabü ode' (= those who speak the language). This latter term 
> may also be used to refer to indigenous people in general.
> Jan Terje Faarlund

The last line is interesting.  I would bet that the extension of this 
term is one of the consequences of redefining identity, the matter of 
'becoming Indian', forced upon many indigenous peoples since the 
'conquest'.  I often find, in such cases, that in texts and some other 
very specific environments that terms like this have two references: a 
very specific one to the people in question and a wider one including 
other indigenous people when contrasted (implicitly or explicitly) with 
'whites' or 'civilizados', etc. Is this correct with the Zoque?


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