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>Book notice:
>CSLI Publications is pleased to announce the availability of:
>A GRAMMAR OF LELE; Zygmunt Frajzyngier(University of Colorado);
>paper ISBN: 1-57586-257-3, $44.95, 511 pages. CSLI Publications
>2001. http://cslipublications.stanford.edu , email:
>pubs at csli.stanford.edu.
>To order this book, contact The University of Chicago Press. Call
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>Book description:
>Inadvertently, African languages have been neglected by many of
>those performing research in the field of linguistics. In an attempt
>to expand and diversify the research base of African languages, a
>handful of linguists have begun to focus their attention on
>lesser-known languages.
>A Grammar of Lele is the first book ever written on Lele, an
>endangered language spoken in the Republic of Chad. The language
>belongs to the Chadic branch of the Afro-Asiatic family, whose other
>members are Semitic, Egyptian, Cushitic, Omotic, and Berber. This
>book explores the use of vowel harmony as a means of coding
>categories of morphemes. Suffixes undergo vowel harmony rules;
>clitics do not, and must occur in specified contexts; free
>morphemes, which also do not undergo vowel harmony rules, have
>relatively free distribution. The language has also an intriguing
>reference system, complex sentence structures, and the coding of
>backgrounding. The study of these and other categories and
>structures not encountered in the more familiar Indo-European
>languages will appeal to lovers of languages and linguistics.

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