URGENT (French cooperation).

Tue Mar 26 15:05:46 UTC 2002

Dear colleagues,

Hello. I am e-mailing the present message on behalf of professor Dr.
Abdelhanine Belhaj (Department of French Language and Literature, Faculty of
letters, El-Jadida, Morocco) who works on linguistic aspects of human
communication (both at the verbal as well as at the pedagogical level). My
colleague is seeking contact with French specialists in the field of
communication. He is interested in the presentation of a project, this year,
within the framework of the Moroccan-French francophone cooperation. I
should let you know that this year's deadline is April, 15, 2002. Many
thanks for your comprehension as well as your assistance. Replies should be
sent to the following address: abdelhaninebelhaj at hotmail.com

Best wishes,
Nasser Berjaoui,

Nasser BERJAOUI (HPr. Dr. Dr.)
Secret Languages Seminar
Linguistics Division
Department of English
Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences
Chouaib Doukali University
El-Jadida, 24000, Morocco.
Mobile P. : + 212 6 8 50 57 35.
F. : + 212 2 3 34 22 44 / + 212 2 3 35 58 75.
E-mails : nberjaoui at hotmail.com /
nasserberjaoui at yahoo.com
Home Address : 32, Cohen, K. B. D.
El-Jadida, 24000, Morocco.

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