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Bertinetto bert.NET at CAEN.IT
Wed May 28 21:58:57 UTC 2003

Dear Colleagues,
with permission by our secretary Johan van der Auwera, I would like to
bring to your attention the fact that the publisher Rosenberg & Sellier,
Torino, is soon going to distroy the remaining copies of the books listed
Should anybody be interested in purchasing one of these books, it is worth
knowing that they will be available at a 65% discount.
The interested people should contact Ms. Teresa Silletti:
         teresa.silletti at
All prices (to be understood as full price, before reduction) are in euros.
Best regards from

Pier Marco Bertinetto


Certamen Phonologicum.
	The First Cortona Phonology Meeting (1988)	       * 35,12
Certamen Phonologicum II.
	The Second Cortona Phonology Meeting (1991)            * 34,09
Certamen Phonologicum III .
	The Third Cortona Phonology Meeting (1991)             * 33,57
Belletti, Generalized Verb-Movement (1990)                     * 25,82
Belletti ed., Sinctatic Theory and Dialects of Italy (1993)    * 34,09
Fava (ed), Proceedings of the XVII Meeting of Generative
    	Grammar (1992)                                         * 33,57
Guasti, Causative and Perception Verbs (1993)                  * 25,82
Davis & Napoli, A Prosodic Template in Historical Change (1994)* 24,27
Phonologica 1992.
	Proc. 7th Int. Vienna Phonology Meeting (1994)         * 43,38
Bertinetto, Bianchi, Higginbotham, Squartini (eds),
	Temporal Reference, Aspect and Actionality,
	vol.1: Semantic and Syntactic Perspectives (1995)      * 49,06
Bertinetto, Bianchi, Dahl, Squartini (eds),
	Temporal Reference, Aspect and Actionality,
	vol.2: Typological Perspectives (1995)                 * 38,73


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