The Surrey Database of Agreement

Greville G. Corbett g.corbett at SURREY.AC.UK
Thu Oct 16 12:31:17 UTC 2003

The Surrey Morphology Group announces the availability of another
typological database, searchable online at

The Surrey Database of Agreement encodes detailed information on agreement
in fifteen genetically diverse languages. For each language, agreement is
defined in terms of controllers, targets, domains, categories and
conditions. The database contains pointers to examples illustrating each
instance of agreement in a particular language. In addition, there are
language reports describing the languages in the database, giving sources
and enabling the user to see how decisions were made. The database holds
extensive data on a small sample of languages and is intended mainly for
typological investigation rather than for statistical use. Those primarily
involved were Dunstan Brown, Greville Corbett, Carole Tiberius and Julia
Barron with Nick Evans and Marianne Mithun as project consultants. Other
scholars also generously contributed their time and expertise, and we are
extremely grateful to them. The construction of the database was funded by
the Economic and Social Research Council (U.K.) under grant number R000238228.

A bibliography of agreement is available at


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