Foundation for Endangered Languages call for proposals for 2005

Nicholas Ostler nostler at CHIBCHA.DEMON.CO.UK
Wed Dec 15 19:00:25 UTC 2004

The Foundation for Endangered Languages is now accepting proposals for
projects of work that will support, enable or assist the documentation,
protection or promotion of one or more endangered languages.  These
endangered languages may be anywhere in the  world.

The Foundation's funds remain extremely limited and only an exceptional
award will be greater than US $1,500. Smaller proposals stand a better
chance of funding.

 Please pass on this announcement to your friends and colleagues in
endangered-language communities who may not have access to Ogmios, the
Internet or e-mail.

**Format for Submissions:
As of this year, there has been a change in the format for submissions
to the Foundation.  In future, applicants must submit a short “Case for
Support” and a Application Form.  Guidance on how to write a Case, and
fill out the form, is accessible at the Foundation's website: -
It may also be obtained from me at the address below.  (Any other,
older,  FEL materials - as still at -
are obsolete, and should not be used.)

The Case for Support (CS) and Application Form (AF) are best submitted
as Word files attached to an e-mail message sent to
<FEL at>. Non-ascii text should be in some form of
Unicode. The two files should be named "languageCS.doc" and
"languageAF.doc", substituting the name of the language to be studied
for 'language'.

Copies printed on paper will also be accepted as an alternative. In
general, it is not necessary to send  a hard copy of an electronic
proposal for confirmation, but FEL may request this if there are major
difficulties in reading the file.

All proposals must be submitted in this format, to ensure comparability.
Unless agreed with me in advance in writing, all proposals must be in

** Deadline:
The time-limit for proposals will be 30 January 2004. By that date, full
proposals (consisting of Case for Support and Application Form) must
reach me at the address below. All proposals received will be
acknowledged on receipt.

 The FEL Committee will announce its decision by 31st March 2003.

** Comments on Draft Proposals:
FEL tries to keep its procedures as simple as possible. But it
recognizes that they may be especially taxing for those without training
in a western university. In the case of proposals from communities or
community linguists, FEL is prepared to comment on drafts, and suggest
weaknesses and potential remedies (without prejudice) before the
selection. Such draft proposals - clearly marked "DRAFT" - should reach
FEL as soon as possible, and no later than 31 December 2004.

This commenting service is simply offered in order to help: it is never
required to submit such a draft.  If  draft applications are received
from applicants who are judged not to be members of endangered language
communities or such communities' designated linguists, they may be
re-classified as final applications, at FEL’s discretion.

Nicholas Ostler <nostler at>
FEL Chairman and Grants Officer

The Foundation for Endangered Languages (FEL) is a separate from ELF,
the Endangered Language Fund (
<>). It is perfectly possible (and has
indeed occurred in the past) that the same project can be partially
funded by both FEL and ELF.

Foundation for Endangered Languages
Registered Charity: England and Wales 1070616
172 Bailbrook Lane, Bath BA1 7AA, England
+44-1225-852865  nostler at

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