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Johan van der Auwera auwera at CHELLO.BE
Sun Dec 19 08:35:21 UTC 2004

Dear all,

It is not only Christmas and the New Year that are approaching rapidly.

January 1 2005 is the deadline for submissions for abstracts and
financial help for ALT VI in Padang  in July - see

February 1 2005 is the deadline for submissions for the ALT Junior Award
2005. See ALT News No. 35, as archived at

Best wishes

Johan van der Auwera


Center for Grammar, Cognition and Typology

University of Antwerp,  Universiteitsplein 1   B-2610 Wilrijk   Belgium

johan.vanderauwera at

phone:  32/3/820.27.76  &  fax:  32/3/820.27.62

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