Phonetic Typological Similarity of AmerIndian languages

Yuri Tambovtsev yutamb at MAIL.RU
Tue Apr 12 21:24:55 UTC 2005

Dear Typology colleagues, we have computed the phonetic corpora of some AmerIndian languages. The result of comparing the speech sound pictures: 
The dissimilarity is based on the value of the coefficient of variance. The more the variance the less the similarity.   
The dissimilarity between the languages (Piratapuyo, Siriano, Secoya) of the Tucanoan family is 37.14%, which is greater than that between the Quechuan (Quechua, Inga) languages - 26.09%. The Chibchan family (Cofan, Guambiano) is  much less similar - 43.90%. The most similar turn to be Tupi-Guarani languages (Guarani, Kaiwa) - 20.07%.The dissimilarity between two texts of the Sweet Grass Cree language is 1.30%. The two texts of Guambiano (Part 3 and Part 4) also show  a greater degree of similarity (3.02%). Two Cofan texts (Part 1 and Part 2) are also similar enough (3.68%). It tells us that this phonostatistical tool works correctly. If you can advise in what linguistic journal I may publishe my results, please write to yutamb at  Remain sincerely yours Yuri Tambovtsev
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