Typological Dissertations 2001-4 -- Call for Contributions

Bernhard Waelchli bernhard.waelchli at ISW.UNIBE.CH
Wed Jun 15 12:44:07 UTC 2005


(Please, forward this message to all postdocs having written a
typological Ph.D. thesis during 2001-2004, Apologies for double posting)

We are planning to compile a volume presenting work by typology postdocs
who have defended their theses between 2001-2004. We have directly
contacted people of whom we know they belong to the target group, and we
already have 12 proposals for chapters. However, there must be postdocs
out there whom we do not know or happened to forget to think about. We
can include about 6 more proposals.

Deadline for proposals: July 10, 2006. Please, fill in the questionnaire
for proposals below.

The basic idea of the prospective volume is as follows. Everybody
contributes a short chapter (not more than 20 pages in print) about some
more general implications of their thesis. The paper should not merely
summarize the thesis. Rather it should attract the attention of a
broader linguistic audience to your thesis. Thus, if your thesis is the
movie, the paper for the joint volume should have the function of a
trailer to that movie. A more general purpose of the volume might be to
show the theoretical relevance of typological work. Many linguists tend
to see 'theoretical linguistics' as synonymous with 'formal
linguistics'. In the prospective volume we would like to show that
typology, while being hard empirical work, is not just about collecting
butterflies, but is also concerned with more general issues.

Possible themes for your proposed chapters could be:

· Contribution of the research presented in the thesis for theoretical
linguistics ("theoretical" to be understood in a very broad sense, not a
specific theory).
· Methodological implications of the research presented in the thesis
(e.g., sampling, sources of data)
· The relevance of the research presented in the thesis to a certain
subfield of linguistics.
· How did the work on my thesis change my world view on linguistics?
· ...or just any other general implications of your thesis of interest
to a broader linguistic audience.

For further information contact:

Matti Miestamo & Bernhard Wälchli
waelchli at eva.mpg.de <mailto:waelchli at eva.mpg.de>
matti.miestamo at ling.helsinki.fi <mailto:matti.miestamo at ling.helsinki.fi>


Deadline for proposals: July 10, 2006
Send to: waelchli at eva.mpg.de <mailto:waelchli at eva.mpg.de>,
matti.miestamo at ling.helsinki.fi <mailto:matti.miestamo at ling.helsinki.fi>



Present affiliation(s):

Correspondence address:

Title of thesis:

Date of defense:

University, Department of defense:

Supervisor(s) of the thesis:

Opponents or reviewers of your thesis:

Working title of your proposed chapter (can be modified later):

150 word abstract of your proposed chapter:

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