Sv: Re: Where's where

Ann Lindvall ann.lindvall at IMER.MAH.SE
Sun Mar 27 17:41:15 UTC 2005

I have been thinking a lot about these interrogatives since the question popped up. I was convinced that Swedish has nothing of this kind, but I came to think of the situation when a Swedish speaker may react on a suggestion with (moral) indignation in the following way:

Varför gör du inte det eller det? 
Why don't you do this or that?

Nej, vet du vad!
No, do you know what!

The stress is to be put on the verb vet (=know), in opposition to a normal question when the stress is on the pronoun vad (=what).

This is a very informal expression within spoken colloquial Swedish, maybe that's why I could not recall it at once.

Ann Lindvall

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