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LT 9-1 (2005)


Greville G. Corbett
Suppletion in personal pronouns: Theory versus practice, and the place of
reproducibility in typology

Isabelle Bril
Semantic and functional diversification of reciprocal and middle prefixes
in New Caledonian and other Austronesian languages

The Universals Register

Elena Filimonova
The noun phrase hierarchy and relational marking: Problems and

Language Profile

Alex François
A typological overview of Mwotlap, an Oceanic language of Vanuatu

Book Reviews

Steve Nicolle
Motion, Direction and Location in Languages, edited by Erin Shay and Uwe

Gilbert Lazard
Non-canonical Marking of Subjects and Objects, edited by Alexandra
Aikhenvald, R. M. W. Dixon, and Masayuki Onishi


Listening to the Pacific:  In remembrance of Terry Crowley

Nicholas Evans

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