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Grammatical and Semantic Relations in Hausa
The Categories ‘Point of View’, ‘Goal’ and ‘Affected Object’

Zygmunt Frajzyngier, Mohammed Munkaila

Series: Grammatische Analysen afrikanischer Sprachen volume 24

10 pp. Roman, 92 pp., 1 table, 2 diagrams
€ 19.80

The present study examines a distinct language structure built around 
categories that have been ignored until recently by linguistic 
theories. One of these is the category ‘point of view’ of the subject. 
The other category is ‘goal’, coding the presence of the goal of the 
predicate. This study demonstrates that the two categories play a 
fundamental role in the grammar of Hausa, a West Chadic language. They 
determine the way arguments are coded, the form of the predicate, the 
semantic interpretation of the clause, and the interpretation of the 
semantic roles of the noun phrases occurring in the clause. The 
presence of the first categories has created the motivation of yet 
another catogory, the coding of the presence of the affected object. 
This study demonstrates that, in some languages the coding of the point 
of view takes precedence of the coding of grammatical or semantic 
relations. The implication of this study is that structures of various 
languages may be organized around different functional domains having 
different hierarchical structures.

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