The World Atlas of Language Structures (OUP)

Thu May 12 10:09:41 UTC 2005

50% discount to members of the Association for Linguistic Typology

Martin Haspelmath, Matthew S. Dryer, David Gil, Bernard Comrie
Oxford University Press, 0-19-925591-1, 712 pages, June 2005

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Dear Sir/Madam
As a member of the Association of Linguistic Typology, Oxford University
Press is offering you the opportunity to purchase The World Atlas of
Language Structures at 50% discount. This is intended as an
acknowledgment of the Association's and its members' crucial help in the
development of the atlas over many years.

As you probably know The World Atlas of Language Structures is a book
and CD combination displaying the structural properties of the world's
languages. It contains 142 world maps and numerous regional maps, all in
full colour. Each world map shows an average of 400 languages and is
accompanied by a fully referenced description. The CD provides an
interactive version of the database which allows you to customize the
maps and find and test your own correlations. The Atlas is an
indispensable source of information for linguists, anthropologists, and
geographers. It will be especially valuable for typologists, grammatical
theorists, historical linguists, and those interested in a particular
region. It sets new standards in comparative linguistics. OUP is proud
to be associated with it.

For further information on the Atlas, and to view sample maps and a
sample chapter, please go to or visit

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