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info for ALT members

LT 9-2, delayed at the printers, is out now:  you'll have it shortly.

LT 9-3 is to come by mid December;  contents as below.

If you're submitting work to LT, remember to send a pdf (by attachment)
with your 3 printouts (by snailmail):  this is to speed up the reviewing.

F Plank


LT 9-3 (2005)

Target Article

Nicholas Evans and Toshiki Osada
Mundari: The myth of a language without word classes


John Peterson
There's a grain of truth in every "myth", or, Why the discussion of lexical
classes in Mundari isn't quite over yet

Kees Hengeveld and Jan Rijkhoff
Mundari as a flexible language

William Croft
Word classes, parts of speech, and syntactic argumentation

Authors' Response

Nicholas Evans and Toshiki Osada
Mundari and argumentation in word class analysis


Frans Plank
Delocutive verbs, crosslinguistically

Contents of Linguistic Typology, Volume 9

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